TDI Courtyard – at TDI City Sector-110,Mohali

TDI Courtyard – at TDI City Sector-110,Mohali

TDI Courtyard – Avenue(Independent Floors) & Villa’s at TDI City Sector-110,Mohali

Location : Sector 110, Mohali

The team of premium acres, not only believes in ‘becoming the dream’; It believes in the process of selling dreams to each of our privileged clients and helping in realzing those as well. Spearheaded by the dynamic and radical approach of our team of experienced professionals, along with the international consultants who provide us with the back-end support, premium acres has a spectrum of services in the field of real estate. From homes that suit the customized ambience as requested by our clients, we make sure that we deliver what is required. Premium acres has a wide range of homes that are categorically branched to suit your taste and your pocket, yet uncompromising on quality and the status.

Pricing Sheet Of Avenues( Independent Floor )

Category/Floor Built Up Area(Sq. Ft) Super Area(Sq Ft) Price
Ground 1200 1460 Rs.27,30,000
First 1200 1460 Rs.23,50,000
Second 1200 1460 Rs. 23,00,000


Pricing Sheet Of Independent Villa

Category/Type BuiltUpArea(SqFt) SuperArea  (SqFt.) Deluxe VillaPrice LuxuryVillaPrice
Copper 1700 2040 Rs.45,80000 Rs.49,80000
Bronze 2100 2520 Rs.52,40000 Rs.56,80000
Silver 2200 2640 Rs.53,90000 Rs.58,20000
Gold 2700 3240 Rs.63,70000 Rs.69,00000
Platinum 2800 3360 Rs.65,30000 Rs.69,90000