Tata Camelot Kansal, Chandigarh

Tata Camelot Kansal, Chandigarh

Coming Soon-Tata Camelot Kansal,Adjacent to Chandigarh

Project Details:
TATA is coming up with Tata -CAMELOT  integrated 53.39 acres of community with residential area of 42.29 acres and commercial of 11.10 acres, where residents can embrace the harmony of the natural habitat and truly experience the tranquility and convenience in their lives.
Residents at CAMELOT can enjoy several intrinsic advantages. The project is located at foothills of the Shivalik Mountains and adjacent to the Sukhna Lake adding a paramount natural environment that supports the highest quality of life.

Project Location / Accessibility:

Rock Garden – less than 2 km
Sukhna Lake – less than  2km
IT Park          – 4 km (approx.)
Sector-17      – 4.5 km( approx.)

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